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How to Dominate Your Local Search Market

In today’s digital world, you can theoretically market your products and services to everyone. Or, if you want to look at things the other way around, you could potentially be in competition with everyone else, too.

What we’ve found over the years, however, is that most businesses tend to have just a few real competitors, and those are mostly located within the same geographic area. That means that, even though the whole world is more accessible than it was before, your closest competition is probably closer than you think.

The answer for a lot of our clients has been to dominate local search engine optimization and attract buyers from their city or neighborhood. Here is how you can make small tweaks to your business website and Internet marketing plan to do exactly that:

Start with geographic keywords

Make sure you have important city or state names in page titles, headings, and other sections throughout your site. That will make it easier for local customers to find you on Google.

Add extra touches

Maps and driving directions aren’t just indexed by search engines, but make it easier for buyers in your neighborhood to actually find you and do business with your company.

Take advantage of local reviews

Local buyers are more likely to check out sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor than any other group of customers. Make sure you encourage satisfied clients to leave you positive reviews.

Give each branch, retail outlet, or location its own webpage.

By giving each of your locations its own webpage, you make it easier to add geographic keywords and search terms to each one, not to mention make it easier for customers to actually find you.

We Understand Local SEO

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