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As a small business, you serve in a highly competitive field where new clients cannot always distinguish their choices. How do you ensure that prospects choose you over others with brands that look and sound alike? You can gain a market advantage through greater distinction of your small business.

Every small business website we create is different, for the simple reason that every small business is unique. If you want to work with a small business web design team that will get to know your company and bring your competitive strengths forward, contact Weblinx today so we can schedule a free consultation!

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  • Small Business Web Design

    Dunwell Home Inspections

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    Dunwell Home Inspections provides professional, thorough, and timely inspections for commercial and residential real estate.

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  • Small Business Web Design Chicago

    Murphy's Contractor Equipment

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    Established in 1951, Muphy's specializes in sales, rental and repair of construction tools and safety equipment.

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  • Small Business Web Design

    Garage Interiors

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    In business since 2003, Garage Interiors is dedicated to providing superior garage storage and garage flooring products and services for each and every customer.

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  • Small Business Web Design

    Riverstone Roofing

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    Riverstone Roofing is a premier, local roofing contractor. Their experience and dedication to quality is the reason for their success.

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The Best Small Business Websites

There is a lot of advice about small business web design floating around out there. Unfortunately, much of it is incorrect, outdated, or contradictory. That’s not helpful when the industry is always moving, right along with your competitors.

While tactics might change and evolve, though, the principles of effective small business web design don’t. Many years of experience have taught us that effective small business web design and development really comes down to four different things:

#1: Instant Credibility

When a new potential customer or client arrives at your website for the first time, they should be able to tell two things right away. The first is exactly what your business does. And the second thing they will see is that your company is competent and professional.

Initial impressions count for a lot, both online and off. When someone encounters your company for the first time (usually on your website), they are looking for clues that tell them whether can be trusted or not. A clean, custom website that’s free of grammatical errors and design issues can go a long way towards building your credibility in their mind.

#2: Competitive Separation

Another reality of the digital age is that your closest competitors are just a click away. In fact, your best prospects might be comparing you side-by-side after looking through a few search engine results. It’s important they see right away what makes you different from the others in your industry.

A good web design team will work with you to ensure your biggest strengths come through in a clear and obvious way. They’ll use layouts, images, and content to ensure customers know what makes you different from the competition. That’s important if you want to turn visitors into buyers.

#3: Clear Navigation

Most of the time, someone who arrives at your website isn’t going to begin on the page they most need to see. For example, they may click a link to your home page when they really need to find a specific product or service.

Even though you’ll want every page in your small business website to be packed with valuable content, a lot of visitors are going to want to get straight to the resources they need. By giving them clear and intuitive navigation tools, you can remove any roadblocks that could otherwise frustrate them and stop them from taking the next step.

#4 A Simple Conversion Path

Your small business website should be designed with real-world business results in mind. You want to generate online sales, new leads, or walk-in visits. It’s important, then, that everything on your new site be directed towards that goal.

You can dramatically improve sales by launching a new small business website, but it isn’t going to happen by accident. You need a series of steps in place that guide visitors from their first interaction to a completed appointment or purchase. Work with your web design team to ensure your new business website is built with that kind of sales funnel in place.

The Weblinx team knows what makes small business websites work. Call us today at 630-551-0334 x1 to put our creative experts to work on your small business web design.

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