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The travel and tourism industries and the companies that depend on travelers now face greater competition than ever before. Travel websites and search engines have replaced many travel agencies while fueling rivalries for Internet customers. To remain viable, you must have a distinctive travel or tourism brand and a precise digital marketing plan.

Weblinx, Inc. provides specialized web design and marketing strategies for travel and tourism companies such as yours. We offer the branding artists, writers and consultants who can reveal and express what makes your business the excellent choice over others. Need the perfect tourism website to boost business? Let the creative team at Weblinx help. You can reach us directly at 630-551-0334 to get started.

Our Work

  • The Gulf Beach Resort

    The Gulf Beach Resort

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    Beaches, barbecues, shopping, sports, festivals, major attractions – there’s so much for you to enjoy at The Gulf Beach Resort.

    Features: Responsive Web Design, WordPress CMS

  • Cottonwood Lodge

    Cottonwood Lodge

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    They take pride in providing first-class service, and the best in catering services that will make your event special.

    Features: Responsive Web Design, WordPress CMS

  • Festival Web Design


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    PrairieFest is Oswego's four-day community celebration brought to you by the Oswegoland Park District, generous business sponsors, civic organizations, and hundreds of volunteers.

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  • Wine Festival Web Design

    Wine on the Fox

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    Oswego's premier wine tasting festival featuring wines from Illinois, California, Italy and beyond, food, and music!

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Tourism Websites

People love taking vacations and visiting new places. So building a great tourism website should be easy, right? Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Although most people love traveling for fun, they have lots of destinations to choose from.

Most of that research is going to be done on the web. So it's important to make your tourism website stand out, whether it's for a collaborative tourism board or a business that relies on guests from out of town.

Either way, here are four things that make a great tourism website:

#1: Spectacular Photos

Pictures convey scenery and emotion much better than text. It's no surprise, then, that a handful of carefully chosen high-quality photos can sell a destination a lot faster than the very best text ever could. Make choosing the right photos for your tourism website a big priority.

#2: Climate and Customs Information

Visitors to your area might not know what to expect in terms of weather, travel, and social customs. By having a few handy guides - or better yet, some FAQs - on your tourism website, you can build interest while making travelers feel more welcome and comfortable.

#3: Links to Travel Partners and Local Resources

Every tourism website should include links to other resources (and especially airlines, hotels, restaurants, and tour guides) in the area. They are useful to visitors, and make your website a "one-stop shop" for tourist information.

#4: Live Webcams

By hosting a live webcam that shows off your destination, you can build interest in your tourism destination at a very low cost. Plus, your webcam could bring visitors back to your website day after day in the weeks leading up to their trip.

Need the perfect tourism website to boost business? Let the creative team at Weblinx help. You can reach us directly at 630-551-0334 x1 to get started right now.

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