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If your business offers products or services to consumers, you already know what you’re up against: Countless companies bombarding your audience with infinite choices and images in a battle for attention.

Weblinx, Inc. specializes in web designs and marketing strategies for consumer/retail businesses such as consumer products and home improvement stores. With Weblinx as your partner, you can connect with more customers through a smart and original brand that stands alone. We build great retail and business to consumer websites. Call us today at 630-551-0334 x1 to get a free consultation.

Our B2C Web Design Work

  • Veterinarian Web Design

    Veterinary Dental Center

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    Veterinary Dental Center is designed, equipped, and staffed to provide advanced pet oral care and specialized services.

    Features: Responsive Web Design

  • Consumer Web Design

    Amenity Moving & Storage

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    Amenity Moving provides efficient professional local moving services for homeowners and businesses throughout the Chicago region.

    Features: Responsive Web Design, WordPress

  • B2C Web Design

    A Touch of Ginger

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    Touch of Ginger is a full-service acupuncture practice where healing begins, health can be obtained and wellness sustained.

    Features: Responsive Web Design, WordPress CMS

  • yoga studio website

    Yoga by Degrees

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    Yoga by Degrees believes that all the benefits of yoga can be experienced while having fun. Yoga is about being healthy, happy and comfortable.

    Features: Responsive Web Design

  • consumer website


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    Every cabinet starts out as a design concept. Their goal is to meet your exacting standards and exceed your expectations.

    Features: Responsive Website Design

  • retail web design

    Turks' Greenhouses

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    Turks' Greenhouses was established in 1978 when Barnabas Turk chose to follow his passion for flowers and add a greenhouse division to his already existing landscaping business.

    Features: Responsive Web Design, Blog

  • B2C Web Design

    Sonya's Good Dog Services

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    The goal is to provide dog owners with the help, answers, and results they need along with the respect and compassion they deserve.

    Features: Responsive Web Design

  • consumer products web design

    LED Keeper

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    The Only Kit Able to Diagnose and Repair LED Light Sets. he LED Keeper uses insulation piercing to connect to the copper within the light set wires and illuminate functioning sections by creating mini-circuits.

    Features: Web Design

The Best Business to Consumer Websites

Ask the owners of most retail stores and consumer-oriented businesses what they need to be successful, and they'll tell you things like good inventory, strong cash flow, and excellent customer service skills. Those are all valuable, but in the digital age you can add "a great retail website" to that list.

More and more, customers are turning to the Internet to find local shops and vendors. If they don't like what they see on your online home, you might not get the chance to impress them in person.

With that in mind, here are four things that you'll find on every top-notch retail website:

#1: Location and Hours

If you want customers to come in your store, it's up to you to make it easy for them to find you and know when you're open. Lots of websites for retail businesses don't have this kind of information in a place that's easy to find, and that's a big mistake.

#2: Current Coupons and Specials

Everybody loves to get a good deal, and posting details of coupons and specials on your website helps you to accomplish two important things. First, it drives web visitors from their computers (or smart phones) and into your store. And second, it gives them a reason to return to your website again in the near future.

#3: Email Signup Forms

Even better than having people come to your website and then visit your store is maintaining an email list that you can use to promote sales, discounts, events, and new products. Integrate email marketing with your website for easy sign-up analyst maintenance.

#4: Local Search Keywords

Customers don't look for local companies in the Yellow Pages anymore; they turn to Google to find shops that are down the street. That means it's important for you to have local geographic keywords on your website, so Google (and buyers) know where to find you.

Weblinx builds great retail websites. Call us today at 630-551-0334 x1 to get a free consultation and see what we can do for you.

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