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Successful events and festivals are all about two things: planning and promotion. In the digital age, those are parts of the process that are best handled (or lease facilitated) through a website. That way you can connect with fans and participants and keep them updated in real-time.

At Weblinx, we know what it takes to build a successful event or festival website because we have created dozens of them. We have the web designers, developers, and writers who can take your special event website design to the next level. Need the perfect website to boost participation? You can reach us directly at 630-551-0334 x1 to get started right now.

Our Work

  • Special Event Web Design

    Race to the Flag

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    This is an event website for the 5K WALK/RUN benefiting People’s Resource Center in Westmont, and Honoring our veterans on Memorial Day Weekend.

    Features: Responsive Web Design, WordPress CMS

  • Festival Web Design

    The Sandwich Fair

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    One of the oldest continuing county fairs in the state of Illinois, drawing daily crowds of more than 100,000, with the top attendance days reaching more than 200,000 fair-goers.

    Features: Responsive Web Design

  • Event Web Design

    Wine on the Fox

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    Oswego's premier wine tasting festival featuring wines from Illinois, California, Italy and beyond, food, and music!

    Features: Responsive Web Design

  • Special Event Web Design

    ACS Annual Meeting

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    An international scientific meeting that brings together scientific leaders from industry, government agencies, and academic institutions.

    Features: Responsive Web Design, Drupal CMS

The Best Event and Festival Websites

In meeting with planners and organizers – both before-and-after their events – we have noticed there are a few details you and your team can’t afford to ignore.

What does it take to launch your special event off on the right digital foot? Here are a few things to know and remember...

#1: Accurate Time, Location, and Registration Info

The most important details you’ll want interested parties to know about your festival or event are what it is, where will be held, how they can register, and what time to show up. There are obviously other pieces of information that will factor into their plans and decisions, but these main points should be spread throughout your special event website repeatedly. That way, anyone who wants to know the basics (or whether they’ve found the right festival or occasion) can get what they’re looking for in a hurry.

#2: Maps and Driving Directions

The bigger the festival or event, the more important it is to give attendees logistical data they can use. In particular, you want them to know how to get to your location with the least amount of hassle. This typically means including maps and driving directions on your website. However, it might also involve sharing information on traffic, parking, or even accommodations. Posting these kinds of details online makes things more convenient for those who are coming to your festival while reducing the burden of hosting your event on local vendors, homeowners, and/or police.

#3: Social Media Links

One of the great things about festivals and special events is that they can be so much fun. Accordingly, your sponsors and attendees will want to tell their friends and contacts all about it. By including links on your website to your event page on Facebook, or a special hashtag for Twitter (as examples) you can help get the word out and build a sense of excitement. That could lead to even more attendance and sponsorship in the future.

#4: Info (and Kudos) for Sponsors

Speaking of your sponsors, don’t forget about them when putting together your website. You might have a dedicated page for businesses and organizations that are supporting you, along with any promotional offers they provide. Whether your sponsors are participating in your event as a way to boost their own marketing or just to support the community, be sure to thank them. A little bit of public recognition can go a long way, particularly when it’s time to plan your next event or festival in the future.

At Weblinx, we know clients turn to us because they like personal service, affordable expertise, and measurable results. If that sounds like what you need to help promote your event or festival online, why not contact us today at 630-551-0334 x1 to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help get the word out?

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