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As a landscaping company, you leave your professional mark on each square foot of soil you touch. The splendor of your skill shapes the ground and fills the eye with form and appeal. The main challenge for you in a competitive market is how to make more people aware of your landscaping business, especially when so many new customers begin the search for your service online.

Weblinx can design a website that gives your landscaping company its own voice and visual identity. Our talented web-design artists will both express the character of your business and give it the creative differentiation that makes you stand out from other landscapers and appear at the top of the search results.

Our Work

  • Landscaping Websites

    Tim Wallace Landscape Supply

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    Tim Wallace Landscape Supply has been trusted by the homeowners and landscape contractors of the western suburbs of Chicago for more than 35 years.

    Features: Custom Web Design, WordPress CMS, Target Marketing

  • Landscaper Web Design

    High Quality Landscape

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    High Quality Landscape Services is an experienced, full-service landscaping service provider in Dallas, TX.

    Features: Responsive Web Design, WordPress CMS

  • Landscaping Web Design

    Doering Landscaping

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    Doering Landscape has been providing professional award winning Landscape Design, Landscape Maintenance and Landscape Construction Services.

    Features: Responsive Web Design, WordPress CMS

  • Magical Garden

    Magical Garden

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    For more than 20 years, they've been working with trained horticulturalists and creative design specialists to help customers actualize their landscaping ideas.

    Features: Responsive Web Design, Landscaping Website Design

The Best Landscaping Websites

How do you build a great landscaping website? That's a question we've heard - and answered - dozens of different times.

The landscaping industry is an interesting one, with lots of different specialties, competitors, and marketing points to consider. Here are four things you need on your website to help promote your landscaping business online:

#1: The Right Messaging

To outsiders, most landscaping companies can seem more or less similar. So, your website needs to tell potential residential and business customers what you and your team do differently. Whatever edge or advantage you have over other landscaping companies in your area, make sure it's spelled out on your website.

#2: Information About Coverage and Rates

In our experience, most landscaping companies only operate in certain areas or communities. Tell customers how far you're willing to travel, what kinds of projects or properties you work on, and what your rates are like. You may want to let them know if you work year-round and offer things like snow removal, as well.

#3: Links to Third-Party Reviews

Most homeowners and property managers have worked with a bad landscaping crew at least once. Show them that you and your team are different, and trustworthy, by linking to reviews on Yelp, Angie's List, and other independent industry websites.

#4: Before-And-After Photos

It's one thing to tell people that your company does great work, and another thing for them to see it with their own eyes. By posting before-and-after photos on your landscaping website, you can show potential customers exactly what you and your team are capable of.

Want to build a landscaping website that helps you bring in new customers? Get a free consultation and website audit from the creative team at Weblinx by calling 630-551-0334 x1 today.

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