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As a non-profit organization, you have an important mission to promote and uphold. Your success depends on how well you reach and persuade your audience. Achieving that end requires an image that breaks away from status-quo brands.

Weblinx, Inc. specializes in nonprofit web design and digital marketing strategies for not-for-profit organizations. We offer you a team of experts who will enhance your image with the focus, creativity and professionalism for even greater market reach and appeal. Connect with us to see how we can collaborate together and have your nonprofit succeed on the web.

Our Work

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    Glenview Community Church

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    The mission is to be a strong community of Christian faith that welcomes and engages all people in personal and spiritual growth.

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    Erin's Law

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    Erin's Law is a national 501c4 nonprofit established in 2012, ensuring children are taught to protect themselves.

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    The Mission of the Federal Land Impacted Schools Association is to secure federal funding which reimburses eligible districts for tax revenue lost.

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    Metro West Council of Government

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    Metro West Council of Government is a council of municipalities serving a population of more than 750,000.

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    New England Church

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    The New England Congregational Church is part of the United Church of Christ (UCC), a denomination organized in 1957.

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    The NSSRA enriches the lives of people with disabilities in their partner communities through quality recreation services.

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    The Washington Association of Conservation Districts provides support to Washington state's 45 conservation districts.

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    Hesed House

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    Hesed House is the second-largest homeless shelter in the State of Illinois.

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The Best Nonprofit Websites

When it comes to digital marketing, charitable groups and nonprofit organizations often face a few dilemmas. That's because the perfect nonprofit web design has to appeal to "customers," in the form of donors, just like a business website would. At the same time, however, they don't have traditional products and services to offer.

That means messaging, and the web presence as a whole, have to be handled carefully. To get a glimpse into how you can manage those different goals, we want to share four things that should be found in every nonprofit website:

#1: A Clear Mission and Purpose

People who aren't familiar with your organization want to know, first and foremost, what you do and who you serve (or what cause you are committed to). This information should be the focus of your nonprofit website, and featured in a way that's nearly impossible to miss.

#2: An Online Donation Page

Even if you use traditional direct mail fundraising campaigns, it's a good idea to have online donation links on your nonprofit website. Some supporters may prefer the convenience of giving online, and you may attract donors who weren't previously on your mailing list.

#3: Information About Programs and Events

If your nonprofit holds events for fundraising, awareness, or volunteerism, keep an online calendar with web sign-up forms. These can help to boost enrollment, give your members a way to refer others to your cause, or (at the very least) remind the public of what you'll be up to in the coming weeks and months.

#4: Quick Links for Members of the Press

Communicating directly with donors and supporters is great, but you can increase the reach of your message by getting the media to do it for you. Post photos, mission statements, annual reports, and other important documents on the web where bloggers and journalists can find them.

Need a nonprofit website that attracts donations, volunteer hours, and media attention? Get in touch with Weblinx today by calling 630-551-0334 x1.

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