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Internet marketing isn’t really old enough to have “rules,” or even definite ways of doing things, but using search engines to gain new customers is about as close as you can come. Although some of the individual tools and techniques may have changed – Netscape and AltaVista have given way to Google, and some parts of the website have become more or less important search engine algorithms – it’s almost taken as Gospel that if you want to succeed online, you had better have a strong digital personality.

The growth of the Internet, and the proliferation of search engine optimization, have meant that even a simple query is likely to return hundreds of thousands of results… and in many cases, millions. While that might sound like a good thing, it’s often having the effect of muddying the water. There are just too many choices, and that makes it harder for potential customers searching for products and vendors to find what they’re looking for – or even figure out what they should be looking for in the first place.

social media marketing

The net result is search engines are becoming a great place to find information, but not always buying advice. And so, it shouldn’t be any surprise that customers are beginning to look elsewhere for the insight they need, especially to social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, where they can find recommendations from friends, colleagues, and experts.

Social Media Management

To keep up, your company needs to change its approach. Through our social media marketing (SMM) we can help guide your business down the appropriate SMM channel, whether that is LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging or a combination thereof. Call us at (630) 551-0334 to learn more about our Social Media Marketing packages.