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Visual Tools to Make Your Website Stand Out in 2019

Every marketing professional wants their website to stand out. Certainly, having the right layout or some striking images can help. However, sometimes if you want to grab the attention of customers it’s best to break the mold and use a few tools your competitors have ignored (or weren’t even aware of).

visual web design

To help you stimulate your thinking and see how you can take your business web presence from ho-hum to extraordinary, today we want to point out a handful of visual tools you can use to make your website stand out in 2019. If you want buyers to take notice, consider trying things like…

Video Backgrounds

You have probably noticed more and more companies using video on their web pages, not just as a focal point but hidden behind headlines, sliders, and logos. This is a natural way to draw the eye to certain features, and can make an interesting effect – particularly if the video clips being used are understated in terms of color and contrast.

If you have clips that load in the background of your header, they are going to be noticed by visitors.

Page Asymmetry

You have probably noticed that most web pages tend to be fairly evenly balanced in terms of the way content moves from left to right. That’s partly because it’s pleasing to the eye, but also because it’s a safe design choice (particularly for website template creators).

However, you can break this rule and make pages lopsided as an interesting design choice. It’s one of those things that needs to be done well to work out, but it can help you draw important distinctions between contrasting ideas or just make your layout stand out as being different.

Unusual Shapes and Patterns

Squares and rectangles are the most common patterns to be seen on business websites, but they don’t necessarily have to be. You can use ovals, circles, stars, and even pyramids or other shapes to either highlight charts and images or simply to make a break from convention.

To get the most from an unusual pattern you can align other visual elements – like text wrapping or image overlays – to conform to the different shapes you want visitors to notice.

Embedded Animations

Embedded animations are ones that typically activate when a user has clicked on an item or performed another action. They could change the shape of a cursor, load a short video clip, or slide one element of the page into another.

In the early days of web design, animations were associated with Java and bloated scripts. Now, lots of creative teams are using them to make layouts feel more interactive and add a gaming-style user interface to otherwise dry pieces of information.

One Word of Caution

Effective web design is often about finding the right balance between what you can do and what you should do. Each of these techniques can be powerful and interesting on a situational basis, but you certainly don’t want to overuse them.

Too much of a good thing can (in this case) make your website seem confusing or disorganized. Remember that the idea is to highlight your unique selling points, not to use design gimmicks in a way that distracts from them.

Does Your Website Blend In?

Having a website that seems like it’s similar to all of the others in your market or industry isn’t terrible – after all, there are a lot of websites that stand out for all the wrong reasons. Still, if you want to use your web presence as a strength, and a source of new business, you have to get customers to take notice.

If you’d like a bit of customized help bringing your business website to life, then the team at Weblinx is standing by. Contact us today at 630-551-0334 x 1 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about what we can do for you.