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Facebook – Utilize Your Brand Online

As a vulnerable consumer I find myself quite open to all of the marketing ploys we encounter on a daily basis. For example, television advertisements, clearance end-caps at Target and email newsletters all seem to catch my attention and lead me to at least take a “second” or even “third” glance… and at most – a purchase. Marketing has been taken though to a whole new level through Facebook, where as a consumer we ask to be marketed to by “becoming a fan” or “liking” a specific business brand or product. Updates (or better called advertisements) come rolling in on my personal page, to invade my space, but only as I have requested. I love the major league baseball updates, concert tour dates for my favorite music groups, yummy pictures of a fabulous bakery, coupons to m favorite taco restaurant, “end of the week” deals at my favorite department store, a sneak peak of my favorite television shows, daily drink and dinner specials for a totally awesome restaurant I love… The list is limited, but yet endless based upon my personal choice to marketing exposure.

Now think on a business standpoint… How smart is it to create a “Fan Page” on Facebook? With all of marketing heading to online and mobile marketing, it couldn’t be an easier or better way to market a business. Reinforce your brand image! Customers who “like” your business and “become a fan”, spread the word of your products or services through a networking channel like no other – your customer’s online friend base.

A few ways to make Facebook beneficial for your business:

  1. Create a Facebook URL and then add it to your website, business cards, etc.
  2. Supply plenty of content about your business to help maintain and create credibility.
  3. Post regular updates about your business to keep activity and interest.
  4. Link and share articles and other resources that might interest your customers and prospects.
  5. Utilize Facebook as a networking tool by joining related industry and alumni groups.
  6. Post discounts and package deals, customers and followers will love these!
  7. Engage your users and customers by asking questions or posting a comments to increase activity
  8. Encourage user interaction by allowing users post comments if you have the time to monitor
  9. Share upcoming events where your company presence will be seen.
  10. Respond to and answer questions from customers and followers.

Facebook for Business

Though Facebook isn’t always the most effective for every business, creating more of an online “buzz” for your business, can’t hurt. In fact, you probably have a pretty good chance of getting a “sale” – since these consumers already know who you are and love your services or products.