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3 Email Marketing Tips for a Mobile Age

Surveys from companies like Constant Contact and MailChimp consistently show that more than half of all email newsletters are opened on mobile devices. That means a majority of your customers are probably seeing your messages on smart phones and tablets.

As a marketer, what should you do with that information? Here are three quick tips to help you make the most of the new medium…

#1: Make Messages Mobile Compatible and Mobile-Friendly

You’ll certainly want all of your emails to be composed using mobile-friendly templates and designs, of course, but you can go farther. By optimizing your images for mobile viewing, and using shorter blocks of text, you can make your newsletters easier to understand and greatly increase the odds of a successful conversion.

#2: Use Simple CTAs

Speaking of conversions, that can mean something entirely new and different when it comes to reaching a mobile audience. Instead of looking for online purchases, or registrations that require lengthy forms to be completed, consider engaging followers through social media and simple click-to-call options. These could be easier for them to follow up on when using a small screen without a keyboard.

#3: Track Mobile Engagement to Your Newsletter

Ultimately, the only way you can know for sure how many mobile readers you have, and whether or not they find your newsletter easy to work with, is to study the metrics. Don’t just fire your emails away and forget about them; dig into the statistics to see which parts of your emails and campaigns are working, and where you might need to do more work to make things easier for mobile buyers.

Mobile E-mail Grows

While mobile email recipients already make up a majority, you can expect that their numbers will just keep increasing in the coming years. So, if you aren’t designing your emails for mobile conversions already, now is the perfect time to get started.