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Operating a bar, restaurant or winery is a rewarding endeavor that connects you to people while fulfilling your desire to serve them and help them have fun. Your profession also faces intense competition and marketing challenges. More customers are looking for you online before deciding to visit you. They’re also being swarmed by non-distinct choices that divert attention away from your business.

Weblinx, Inc. specializes in original web designs and search engine optimization for food and beverage businesses. Contact us to ensure the focus and appeal of your business through the Internet.

Winery and Restaurant Web Design Examples

  • Winery Web Design

    Fox Valley Winery

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    Fox Valley Winery specializes in creating small lots of handcrafted, award-winning wines. Many varieties are made from estate grown, single-vineyard Illinois grapes.

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  • Winery Web Design

    Silver Moon Winery

    Silver Moon Winery welcomes wine lovers, families and friends to a timeliness wine-country escape in a heavenly slice of Illinois heartland.

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Restaurant Websites

Celebrity chefs like to say that you take the first bite of any dish with your eyes. Well, the same thing is true of a restaurant website - if it doesn't impress diners with the way it looks, you'll have a hard time drumming up customers and reservations.

Luckily, building a great restaurant website is a simple matter of working with the right ingredients. Here are four tools you can use online to make customers start craving mail from you:

#1: A Visual, Mobile-Friendly Layout

In the digital age, many of us search for restaurants and reservations at the last minute. That means it's crucial that your website look inviting, and display correctly on smart phones and other mobile devices.

#2: A Downloadable Copy of the Menu

Some diners like to be spontaneous, but most will want to know a little bit about the dishes you serve, and the prices you charge, before visiting your restaurant or making a reservation. By including a downloadable menu, you can give them this information and make it easier for diners to share recommendations with their friends, family, and colleagues.

#3: Online Reservations and Delivery

If you accept reservations, or have delivery, then it's a good idea to include these options online. Doing so makes things more convenient for your customers, and can greatly reduce the amount of time your staff has to spend on the phone.

#4: Verifiable Reviews From Diners

No matter how good your food looks online, customers are going to want to know what kind of experience others had in your restaurant. So, consider adding verifiable reviews to your restaurant website, or at least linking to websites like Yelp where they can see a bit of independent feedback.

We have built high-quality restaurant websites for over 10 years. Call Weblinx today at 630-551-0334 x1 to see what we can do for you.

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