Weblinx, Incorporated

Targeted Marketing

Our targeted web marketing program works by selecting communities that are desirable markets for your business to target. Unique landing page content is written focusing on what distinguishes your business from your competition. This may include a specific topic area and/or niche products/services that your business offers. Weblinx creates these unique landing pages specific to the communities we are targeting through the use of keyword headings, text, and links related to your business.

In order to define what distinguishes your business from the competition, you will be given a questionnaire to complete, which will ask for specific and general information pertaining to your business. Your answers will provide us with necessary information to develop a positioning statement for your business. This statement is the basis from which all landing page and internal page content derives, and will differentiate you from everyone else in your business category. It will also assist in the development of your landing page content, and may be used in other marketing materials developed for your company.

Community Landing Pages

Once all landing page content has been developed and approved, Weblinx integrates these unique landing pages with the targeted communities to ensure optimum natural search engine placement in these communities. Most importantly, this program is designed to cater to visitors seeking the products and services in your particular business category and location. It will increase the ability to convert visitors to actual clients seeking your products and services.

Local SEO

Essentially, the targeted marketing program is designed to limit the competition you will be facing by focusing in on specific communities. This eliminates the problem of competing with a majority of national chains who have a dominant presence on the web.