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Why Responsive Web Design Matters More and More Every Day

In a previous post, we explored the growing trend of responsive web design – business websites that tailor their layout and appearance to the specific device and browser that your customer is using. In other words, it’s a tool that lets your business website shift from one appearance to another, depending on whether customers are coming to you via laptop computers, smart phones, or other web-ready devices.

The bigger point to be made, however, and the one we’ll focus on today, is that responsive web design isn’t just cool technology… it’s an idea that’s becoming more important every day. That is, if you’re serious about making your business website a profit center for your company, it’s something that deserves your time and attention.

Here are just a few of the quick reasons why:

Responsive web design matters to your customers. Granted, very few of them are going to ask you for a responsive business website by name, but what they will do is take their business elsewhere if they can’t access your site via their iPhone, Android, tablet, etc.

It makes your business website mobile-compatible without giving anything up. Few trends are as prominent or important right now as mobile computing. Hundreds of millions of people are accessing the web via smart phones, and that group will make up the majority of all Internet users within the next couple of years. For that reason, finding a way to be mobile-friendly – without sacrificing design quality for traditional computer users – has become a big issue. Responsive web design can be the answer.

It’s a good way to stay current, or even future-proof your website. One of the challenges, in the modern world of Internet marketing, is keeping up with the times. Because responsive websites are fluid, you don’t have to worry about them going out of date quickly as other technologies change.

In the end, each of these factors really comes down to one thing: improving the return on investment you get from a new business web design. The more your site appeals to buyers, the more effective it is as a sales tool, and the higher profits go. Or, the longer it lasts, the lower its overall cost becomes, which is also good for the bottom line.

Responsive Web Design is the Standard

For that reason, responsive web design isn’t really a web design topic at all – it’s an issue for business owners, managers, and executives who want to make the most of their budgets. Why not talk to the Weblinx team today about building a responsive site for your company?