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3 More Web Design Trends

Recently, we shared a handful of web design trends that every business owner or marketing executive should be aware of. Today, we want to keep building on that theme. But instead of focusing on the elements that are on your pages, we’ll look at a few things that affect your overall marketing plan.

Let’s look at three important trends that could affect the profitability of your website this year:

1. Tightly focused SEO and PPC.

Ranking for highly competitive keywords is hard, and pay-per-click search advertising can get expensive fast. For that reason, a lot of companies are concentrating their firepower, so to speak, and prioritizing conversions instead of traffic. Focusing your SEO and PPC campaigns on niche markets might seem counterintuitive at first, but it’s a more efficient way to grow your bottom line.

2. Emphasizing local marketing.

Local customers aren’t just easier to reach, even over the Internet – they tend to buy more, be more loyal to your business, and stick with you for a lot longer. You don’t have to have a retail storefront to attract local customers over the Internet. In fact, just about every business organization can benefit from marketing to their community and the surrounding areas.

3. Analytic-focused marketing.

A trend that started with the introduction of Google Remarketing is picking up steam, and it’s not hard to see why. Since people are going online more than ever, it’s easier to track their behavior (on your website and elsewhere), allowing you to maximize conversions and profits just by studying the numbers.

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