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A New Business Website or SEO

Experienced online marketers and business owners will recognize this for the trick question that it is: They should be handled at the same time, because you want one to reinforce the other.

You certainly could design a new business website as a standalone piece, just as you could launch an online marketing plan without updating any of your pages. In either case, however, you’re probably not going to get your money’s worth on either.

That’s because, when it comes to designing a new business website, or structuring the online marketing plan that goes with it, you should always have one goal in mind: finding new sales and growing your company. Achieving that requires an integrated approach, one that begins with your bottom-line plans and incorporates the launch of your new website and all the promotional activities that will come afterwards.

Grow Your Business

Beware any business web design team that seems overly eager to sell you a new site, or promises to send lots of traffic and buyers in your direction. While either one of these is certainly possible, both of them are easier to accomplish if you begin them together at the same time.