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What’s the Recipe for a Great Landing Page?

Creating a great landing page is like cooking a fine meal: it’s not just about using the right ingredients, but also paying attention to a process that needs to be followed. Converting visitors into leads or buyers is about preparation, execution, and intent. Things get a lot easier when you begin with the right recipe in hand.

Also like a great meal, every landing page is going to be a little bit different, if only because there are unique products, services, and prospects to keep in mind. However, we have a basic recipe you can follow if you’re looking for a hearty, satisfying bump in your Internet marketing results…

Start With the Perfect Audience

Before you write or design a single element of your landing page, you should know exactly whom it’s going to appeal to. You need to have a sense of who the perfect visitor or customer is, and what their tastes (in this case, emotional “hot buttons”) happen to be.

Add a Dash of Excitement

The first and easiest way to get someone excited about your solution is with a compelling headline. Start off with a huge benefit, or ask a question that you know readers have been turning over in their minds. Until you have a prospect’s attention, you can’t get them to take action. So, make the most of your headline because it will be the first thing they will see or notice on your landing page.

Pour the Right Messaging Into the Mix

Once you have a website visitor paying attention, it’s time to slow-roast their interest and desire with the perfect marketing message. This should be made up of benefits, interesting facts, and testimonials from other customers. Each of these ingredients makes a potential buyer feel more interested, and more likely to take the next step.

Make Things Sizzle With an Online Video

Adding an online video to your landing page can have an enormous effect on conversions. Not only is video hard to ignore, but the combination of sound and images makes it more memorable to the human mind. Some your marketing pitch up in a short clip that invites visitors to take action or learn more.

Arrange the Plate With Photos and White Space

Great chefs say you take the first bite of any plate of food with your eyes. By that, they mean that the way your food looks can make it taste better if seen it visually builds anticipation. The presentation of your landing page matters in the same way. Use clear photos and lots of white space to arrange your ideas and make the content easy to scan.

Bring the Flavors Together With the Right Call to Action

The perfect meal has to have the perfect finish. Instead of wine or dessert, however, you’re going to use a call to action that makes the reader feel as if they can’t help but follow along with you to take the next step. Invite them to make a purchase, schedule appointment, or do whatever else would come as a natural next step.

Season to Taste With Analytics

No matter how well you prepare your landing page, there’s a chance you will need to make some adjustments later. Study your web analytics to see if there are elements that should be moved, re-written, or redesigned. Keep experimenting until you find the perfect mix of traffic and conversions.

Creating a Landing Page

When you serve up the perfect landing page, it helps your Internet marketing while helping customers to find a valuable resource at the same time. Use our basic recipe as a starting point, and then see what you can add or substitute to make yours even more effective! For more information please connect with us at 630-551-0334 x1.