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Must Haves for an Assisted Living Facility Website

Assisted living facilities provide a necessary and valuable service. However, they can present a unique marketing challenge, especially when it comes to a website, which is often a family’s first point of contact and most important resource for information.

In other words, someone visiting your website for the first time might be wondering not only whether you have the right facility for their loved one, but also what kinds of assisted living options they are facing in the first place. For that reason, it’s important to incorporate these four things into your web presence:

1. The right tone.

Whether it’s by need or choice, the decision to opt for an assisted living facility can be a difficult one. Make it clear that all of your residents and patients are going to be well cared for as individuals and not treated like “just another customer.”

2. Lots of photos.

While it’s important to say the right things on your website, it’s even more important to show them. The more photos you have of your buildings, residents, and staff, the easier it’s going to be for families to feel comfortable scheduling a tour.

3. Insurance and treatment details.

Part of choosing the right assisted living facility is finding one that is convenient and affordable. That means lots of visitors are going to have questions about things like insurance, payment, and treatment options. Make this information easy to find.

4. The right call to action.

Your visitors aren’t going to choose a facility based on a website alone. Keep that in mind and give them other options to keep their research moving forward. Perhaps you can offer a downloadable ebook, or free consultation, that can give them the advice and insight they need.

Need a Website for your Facility?

There are a lot of elements that fall into place for an assisted living website to be a good source of leads. Is yours generating as much business as it could be? If not, call Weblinx today at 630-551-0334 x1 and see how we can help.