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Using Content Marketing to Promote Your Business Website

Content marketing certainly isn’t new, but it’s becoming more important every day. That’s because, as Google changes its algorithms, email subscribers keep getting more selective, and social media followers are hard to come by, it’s great content that separates you from all of your competitors.

But, how do you put together a great content marketing campaign? Here are seven great tips to help you get started:

1. Follow an editorial plan. Coming up with content spontaneously is difficult, but scheduling it ahead of time (with a list of topics and activities) makes the job easier. Kill writer’s block before it begins by planning your content well in advance.

2. Remember that content marketing isn’t the same as search engine optimization.
Keywords and searchable phrases are important, but connecting with readers, viewers, and potential customers is job number one. In other words, create content that people will love and search engines will follow.

3. Make your content different and better. In the same way that your content shouldn’t be over-optimized for search, neither should it be boring or generic. Take a cue from your favorite magazine and develop titles and ideas that jump off the screen.

4. Spread your great content around. Ideally, around three-quarters of your content should be published on your own website or blog; the rest you can use as guest posts on other sites to boost your credibility and generate inbound links.

5. Build on themes and ideas over time. The best marketing content creators work on big themes and topics over time. Find subjects that matter to your readers or customers and keep exploring them.

6. Take feedback from readers and viewers. Pay attention to the feedback you get on your blog, and on social media. Often, readers can give you great ideas for improving your content, or lead you to future topics.

7. Make consistency a priority. Content marketing is most successful when you use it gradually over time. So, give yourself an achievable monthly goal for generating new content and stick to it.

Your Content Marketing Plan

If you put enough time and attention into it, your content marketing plan can bring you more credibility, tons of inbound links, lots of new email subscribers, and even an improved search engine ranking. Doesn’t that make it worth it to spend time brainstorming a few articles and blog posts each month?