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5 Business Blogging Truths to Remember

Business blogs are to Internet marketing what blue jeans are to fashion: so classic, useful, and durable that they never go out of style.

And yet, for all the attention that gets paid to the power of having a good blog – including the potential for increased engagement and search engine traffic – lots of companies fail to make the most of the blogs they have. Many business owners tell us they know blogging works, but haven’t seen any results from their own efforts.

In some cases, this can be because they don’t post new material very often. In other cases, it might be because they don’t know how to bring in readers. And certainly, more than a few just aren’t sure what to do with their ideas after they’ve written about them.

To make sure your blog doesn’t suffer the same fate, today we want to share five business blogging truths every business owner or marketer should remember:

#1 Blogging Works (But Not Overnight)

Blogging is very effective for bringing in search traffic and turning visitors into leads, but it’s not a quick fix for SEO. Even the best blogs can take weeks or months before you start to see results. The hard part is continuing to write while you wait for visits and views to arrive. If you keep at it, though, you’ll be glad.

#2 Your Blog Must be For Someone

Too many blogs seem like they are written for anyone who happens to stop by a website, or even for no person in particular. Your blog should have a distinct audience and point to view. If those two details match up, you have something that readers will love and consider relevant to their interests.

#3 Fewer and Better is a Winning Combination

It is helpful to have lots of blog posts on your website, but quality and consistency are more important than quantity. If you are posting timely, relevant articles, you’ll build up enough over time to draw new visits to your website. Don’t cut corners with sloppy writing just to throw new posts online. Your readers want interesting ideas, not hastily-composed articles.

#4 Blog Posts Need to be Promoted

Over time, your blog will start to generate its own traffic as search engine spiders and subscribers catch on. In the beginning, though, it’s a good idea to promote your new blog posts through email and social media. That’s great from an SEO perspective, but it can also go a long way towards attracting readers who are interested in your topic.

#5 Writing Good Posts is Only Half the Work

Once you have written a great blog posts, it’s time to get around to editing, proofreading, and adding the right images to make it truly impactful. And, don’t forget that you should have extra resources or a call-to-action at the end for readers who want to take the next step.

Get a Business Blog

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