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4 Ways to Stay Ahead of Google’s Next Algorithm Change

Immediately following each new Google algorithm change, we hear horror stories about businesses that once enjoyed top search engine rankings for important keywords – and the resulting flow of buyers to their website – seeing their most important pipeline to new revenue dry up overnight. And so, it’s no surprise that a lot of companies, regardless of what their current search engine positioning is like, worry that Google’s next change of heart is going to affect them directly.

Isn’t there anything you can do to stay ahead of algorithm changes and updates?

In our experience, there are four important steps you can take. None of them will make you completely immune to the “Google shuffle,” but they can help you prepare and mitigate any damage. In fact, follow them closely enough and you might actually benefit the next time the world’s most popular search engine decides to prioritize things a little differently:

1. Focus more on visitor-friendly content and conversions. A lot of companies are sensitive to search engine traffic changes because they don’t turn a very high percentage of visitors into actual sales opportunities. By prioritizing visitors first, and search engines second, you can boost your overall profitability.

2. Take advantage of pay-per-click advertising. Even if your organic search engine traffic disappears quickly, you can still get visitors from a targeted and optimized pay-per-click campaign that brings buyers directly to your site every day.

3. Keep creating fresh content, new inbound links, and strong social media platforms. Although we can’t predict what the next change in search engine formulas will bring, it’s a good bet that unique on-page content, relevant inbound links, and a strong social following are going to keep weighing heavily.

4. Put other Internet marketing methods to use. When you have a big email marketing list, for example, you aren’t completely dependent on search engine traffic. Why put all your eggs into one basket?

Why live in fear of Google’s next algorithm change when you could actually look forward to it? By thinking more carefully about search engine optimization, and Internet marketing in general, you can accomplish just that and take away the stress that a lot of businesses feel about algorithm shifts.

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