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Tying Your Website Together With Your Email Newsletter

Today, we want to look at ways you can work email newsletters into your business website. Email marketing is a bit unique amongst all the online tools you have to promote your business. That’s because it’s fast, extremely targeted, and attention-grabbing. When someone sees your content in a social feed, for example, it’s right next to a lot of other messages that they might care more about at the moment. When you show up in their inbox, however, they have already agreed to hear from you and there are fewer distractions.

email newsletter marketing

As a rule of thumb, response rates to email promotions tend to be much higher than they are for social media campaigns. More people are probably going to open your newsletter, for example, than would stop to read your tweet or follow a link on Facebook.

With that in mind, let’s look at what you can do to tie together your website, social media campaigns, and email marketing…

Make it Easy for Website Visitors to Sign Up for Emails

Your website is going to be your top source of new email subscribers. And, getting an email address is a good second option if you can’t get a customer to make a purchase or set an appointment. Make your subscription form a prominent part of your site, and especially your landing pages and blog posts. You want anyone who’s interested in your products, services, or ideas to have a way to stay in touch.

Push Social Fans and Followers to Subscribe, Too

Many social fans and followers might only be lightly engaged with your business. That is, they may appreciate the pictures or other content you post to Facebook, but don’t necessarily have a top-of-the-mind level awareness of what you do. You can bring them closer by offering discounts and limited-time specials to email subscribers and then promoting those through social media. Give them a reason to move from one contact point to another and they might subscribe.

Bring Email Subscribers Back to Your Website

It might sound counterintuitive, but the goal of most of your email campaigns will be to bring readers back to your website. That’s because you’ll build specific landing pages that tie into these themes in your messages. So, when a subscriber sees an interesting or time-sensitive topic come up, you’ll direct them (or a button or link) to a quick solution to the problem they are facing. That’s a great way to generate new leads or sales month after month.

Online Marketing Strategy

Far too many business owners and executives give up on internet marketing, or don’t give it the attention it deserves, simply because they have tried quick-fix strategies that didn’t work in the past. If you’re ready to move on from gimmicks and see what it takes to put together an affordable and sustainable system for bringing new business your way, contact Weblinx today. We’ll help you find the right plan and budget to meet your goals!