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Does Your Web Designer Understand Your Business?

It can be helpful for your creative team to have experience with your industry. That said, it’s far more important that they know all about your business.

In the world of website design, it’s imperative to find a vendor that understands your business, the opportunities that are in front of you, and the challenges you have to overcome. If they don’t, they are going to treat you like a generic client and won’t tailor their designs or expertise to your needs.

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How can you tell whether your web designer knows you well enough to work on your behalf? Here are some simple questions you might ask yourself…

Could Your Web Designer Sell You to a Referral?

Imagine for a moment that your web designer wanted to refer you to one of their contacts or colleagues. Would they be able to describe your business – and in particular, your unique selling advantages – to someone else in a way that would make them want to connect?

If you don’t feel confident that they would be able to pull it off, that’s a sign you haven’t had enough conversations about the intricacies of your company.

Does Your Web Designer Know Who Your Best Customers Are?

Your web design team should be able to describe your most important customer personas in a few key sentences or traits. They should know where they work or live, why they are seeking your products or services, and what makes them choose you instead of a competitor.

To be fair, this is information that might not be available at the beginning of your relationship, particularly if you haven’t done market research or outlined your personas yet. But as time goes on, you and your web designer should both be working to zero-in on these details.

What Does Your Web Designer Know About Your Competition?

You don’t operate in a vacuum. There are other companies or individuals who would like to eat your lunch and put you out of business. Your web designer should be able to name those competitors and describe what they do differently.

If your creative partner couldn’t follow through with a simple exercise, then how could they possibly explain to the world why your business is better than all the others? They don’t have to concentrate on the competition, and neither do you, but they should have a basic understanding of what you’re up against.

Does Your Web Designer Know Where You Want to Be in Five Years?

This is important information, but it’s something clients don’t always take the time to share. Good web design – and especially online marketing – aren’t just about where you are today. They are also centered around where you are going in the future.

It’s good to know that you want “more sales,” but be sure your web designer knows what kind of clients you want to attract, or whether there are changes on the horizon for your company. That will help them to build a better web presence for you and give them the insights they need to help you plan for the future.

A Different Approach to Website Design

At Weblinx, clients partner with us for couple of reasons. First, we take the time to get to know their businesses inside and out. And second, we don’t just build great websites, we put our focus on generating sustainable business growth.

If that’s the kind of service you want from your creative partner, contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help!