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Very few home healthcare providers operate strictly off of referrals, making a professionally designed and managed website a top priority for attracting new patients. But your pages had better show more than a company logo and a few general statements about medical care and assistance – if you want to stand out, you have to go a bit further.

What kinds of details do you need to provide on your home care provider website? Here are a few things you should definitely show visitors:

Basic information about what you can do. This could include the areas you work in, the types of service you provide (like physical rehabilitation, post-surgery recovery, and help with shopping or cleaning), and whether there are any types of patients you won’t accept. Never assume potential patients will know what they can expect from your company – you may miss out on opportunities if you don’t spell it out.

Insurance and VA benefits. In the same way, it might seem like common sense to you that a home healthcare provider would accept insurance, Medicaid, or VA benefits. For potential customers and patients who are just going through the process for the first time, however, these policies might not be as obvious. Be sure to provide the relevant details on a dedicated page.

Staff profiles. Things like appearance and personality matter a lot when you’re considering having someone in your home, so add as much detail as possible to your “about” pages and update them frequently. When new patients feel like they already know you before your first visit or consultation, they’ll feel more comfortable about getting started.

Patient testimonials. Don’t tell people how caring or helpful you are; let your existing patients do it for you. The testimonials on your website carry more credibility than your marketing copy ever will, so ask for recommendations often and put them to good use.

Home Healthcare Web Design

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