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How to Use Social Media Marketing for Your Business Website

You have a website, and you have social media accounts. But are you using them together?

Often, the answer is “no.” We meet with business owners every week who treat their various online marketing channels as if they were separate disciplines. They might promote coupons and seminars through Facebook, use search engine optimization to bring customers to product landing pages, and so on, but never actually integrate one campaign or strategy with the other.

social media marketing business website

That makes it harder to get great results, and also leads to lots of duplicated effort. We want our clients and readers to be more efficient than that, so today we want to give you some quick tips you can use to boost your social media marketing while making the most of your business website at the same time…

Build Consistency Into Your Online Branding Mix

This is a fancy way of saying you should have business accounts on all the major social platforms, and that your look (in terms of colors, fonts, photos, logos, etc.) should be consistent between them. That’s partly because it makes you seem more competent and trustworthy, but also because you’ll drag more fans and followers from one medium to another.

Add Social Buttons and Plugins to Your Pages and Posts

One of the first things you should do to align your business website with your social media profiles is add buttons to your pages that automatically take visitors to your various social accounts. That makes it easy for someone who likes your business, website, or content to add you to their favorite social feed in just a few seconds. It’s like an impulse buy, but even faster.

Let Traffic Flow in Both Directions

You may have customers who find you on Google but prefer to interact with their favorite companies on Facebook or LinkedIn (or vice versa). In fact, most of the people you want to work with probably have online preferences that don’t necessarily match your own, or the same preferences other customers have. So, you should have links between your website and all of your various accounts that are easy to find. That way, traffic can easily flow from one destination to another.

Promote Your Content on Company Social Media Accounts

Ultimately, a lot of your lead capture forms and activities are going to live on your business website. So, you should promote new pieces of content (like blog posts and videos) as extensively on all your social accounts. In that way, you can generate a sort of gravity back to your landing pages, sign-up forms, and offers. Additionally, it will ensure your social profiles are always being updated with new content that’s relevant to your business.

Need a Web Design Company That Does More?

Looking for the middle ground between a huge digital advertising agency that cost a fortune to work with and a DIY approach that leaves you stressed out and wondering why you can’t get more sales or leads? If so, it’s time you talked to the Chicago-based Weblinx team. We help our clients to do more with less, and can give you the tools and advice you need to boost your bottom line! Call us at 630-551-0334 x1 or connect with us through social media.