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How to Build the Perfect Contractor Website

For many years, the construction industry lagged behind other types of businesses when it came to implementing the best practices in website design. Most builders and contractors operated from a system of bids and referrals, so the advantages of putting together a comprehensive digital marketing plan weren’t obvious.

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All of that has changed in the past decade, of course. Even contractors that get plenty of referrals need a strong web presence to enhance their own credibility. And, more and more clients – at both the consumer and institutional level – are using the web to find builders and contractors.

With all that in mind, you might be looking to improve your company website. Here is a quick blueprint for success to help you get exactly what you need…

Be Very Clear About What You Do

“Contractor” is a very large umbrella that can include everything from skyscraper erection to single-family residential units and municipal road projects. You can help your future clients a great deal by specifying exactly what types of projects you bid for on your website. In fact, it’s best to have that information front and center so there isn’t any confusion. Doing so will also make it easier for searchers to find your company on Google.

Share a Portfolio of Recently Completed Projects

Nothing shows off your firm’s capabilities like work that has already been successfully completed. When it’s practical, you can share photos, customer testimonials, and even reports that demonstrate you were able to complete the project on time and within budget. These kinds of trust indicators make it easier for new customers to put their faith in your business.

Emphasize Trust and Reliability

After you have dazzled a potential customer with photos of completed projects, use your written content (the text in your website) to show you are trustworthy and reliable. This is especially important for contractors, since the industry is known for long delays and erroneous quotes. When you can, use quotes from previous clients to show others that you can be trusted to follow through on schedules, budgets, and promises.

Make It Easy for Potential Customers to Reach You

No matter how impressive your photos and text are, your website is only effective if it helps you generate new inquiries and projects. For that reason you should have your preferred method of contact (usually phone, email, or text) prominently displayed on every page. That way it only takes a moment for someone who is interested in working with you to reach out for a quote or appointment.

Encourage Social Media Feedback and Referrals

Although this doesn’t technically involve your website, it’s worth mentioning that social media testimonials and referrals are extremely valuable. When someone passes along their thanks for a job well done on Facebook, for example, you get a piece of content that can be shown again and again. Plus, you can use the screenshot on your website, blog, and other marketing channels.

Want Help Building Your Website?

Great web design is all about asking the right questions and then achieving the best possible results. That’s where Weblinx shines. If you want to take the next step forward with your contracting business, we can help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation so we can learn more about your goals.