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The Perfect Commercial Real Estate Website

Commercial real estate websites are exciting projects, if only because the industry is so competitive and fast-paced. But, while a lot of businesses can get by with a “great” web presence, it’s important for any commercial Realtor to have one that’s uniquely suited to the needs of the industry.

What do those needs look like? Here are a few elements that you should definitely include in any commercial Realtor web design (or redesign) project:

A focus on the type of properties the firm represents. A lot of commercial Realtors specialize in one type of property or another, and having this kind of information displayed prominently on your site can accomplish two things: let people know what you do right off the bat, and give you important search engine keywords for your online marketing plan.

A prominent display for new listings. It goes without saying that you’ll want to add new listings, along with photos and sale or lease information, on your website. Make sure that section is easy for your staff to update, so you don’t have to call your design team every time you add a new listing.

Profiles of the real estate company and individual agents. Although your clients might do business with the company, most of them actually work alongside individual agents. Having their profiles online can enhance their credibility and show off their expertise, all while paving the way for networking opportunities.

Resources for renters and buyers. As a commercial Realtor, educating new clients and business owners is probably a big part of your job. Why not leave articles and resources on your site that they can use? They’ll come to see you as an expert, and won’t have to ask as many questions in the beginning of the sales process.

Commercial Real Estate Websites

The perfect commercial real estate website is like the perfect office building – it doesn’t just have great views, it’s also incredibly useful. Call or email Weblinx today and see how easy it is to get us working on a new web presence for your commercial real estate company.