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PPC Should Be In Your Marketing Plan

Except in hard-core e-commerce circles, you just don’t hear a whole lot about pay per click advertising these days. Isn’t that the programs aren’t still out there – the major search engines are pulling in more revenue than ever – but that search marketing just isn’t as “hot” or “fashionable” as he used to be.

But take our advice and don’t abandon your PPC efforts. For one thing, search volume continues to grow around the globe, with Google alone clocking in at a staggering 34,000 searches per second. A consistent percentage of those buyers (sometimes as many as 5 or 10%) are going to end up clicking on sponsored listings, so the business is still out there.

But even more importantly, paid traffic tends to come faster and convert at a significantly higher rate. The reasons are pretty simple: your ads start to run immediately when you’re paying for them, versus the months or years it can take to find your way to the top of a major search engine’s organic listings. Likewise, customers who know what they’re looking for respond more favorably to marketing messages than people who are “just browsing for information.”

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click might not seem as shiny or cutting-edge as it once did, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. Make sure it remains a steady part of your current online marketing plan.