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Are You Marketing With a Flyswatter, Or Honey?

Anyone who runs a successful business – and quite a few people running unsuccessful businesses – could give you a list of reasons why it’s better to have new customers come to you than the other way around. Besides the fact that they place big orders and tend to trust you more, it’s just a whole lot easier to start doing business with a buyer who found you over the web than it is one you had to identify and chase down.

Given that it’s almost common knowledge, why aren’t more small businesses doing all they can to attract customers, rather than hunting for them?

We suspect that it’s most likely because a lot of business owners and marketing managers don’t know exactly what it takes to have customers coming to them. Besides search engine optimization and pay per click advertising, many aren’t sure where to start. What they’re missing is that piece of advice that turns their business website from a flyswatter and into a pot of honey.

The answer is simpler than a lot of people think – you just need to turn your business website into a destination, rather than a simple marketing tool. Think about it this way: What websites do you visit regularly, and why? We would be willing to bet that you don’t browse most frequently on the pages that offer nothing more than ads; instead, you probably devote your time to the ones that share information, advice, and insight that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

As you grow your website, not to mention your company blog and social media profiles, keep that perspective in mind. What attracts people isn’t shouting the loudest or selling the hardest, but giving away the most. If you can turn your business site into something that people want to check out on a daily or weekly basis, then it will only be a matter of time before the sales will follow.

Advertise with Honey

Online advertising and search engine optimization are great, but they will never truly set your website apart from the competition. Marketing with honey isn’t just about more, it’s about knowing who you and your company are, and then creating a website to match, brick by brick, virtually speaking.