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4 Things Every Nonprofit Website Needs

In many ways, nonprofit organizations face the same challenges that their business counterparts do – they still have to deal with things like management, bookkeeping, and recruiting. But, when it comes to marketing nonprofits – especially over the Internet – things get to be a little different.

With that in mind, here are four things every nonprofit website definitely needs to have:

1. A mission statement. Although your mission doesn’t have to be stated expressly, or in formal language, it should be very easy for any visitor to look at your nonprofit website and quickly figure out who you’re out to help, or what you actually stand for.

2. Powerful images and visuals. When it comes to charitable causes, nothing conveys emotion or encourages action more than a stirring photo. In fact, if you can combine images with first-person accounts, you’ll be able to interest readers, visitors, and even donors in a way that wouldn’t be possible in normal text.

3. Online donation pages. Speaking of donors, make it easy for them to contribute to your nonprofit by adding an online donations page. If you currently don’t have the ability to collect money over the Internet, at least include a downloadable form that they can use to mail a check. Your nonprofit website can be your most powerful fundraising tool, so don’t ignore the potential of online appeals.

4. Media resources.
Every nonprofit director knows that positive media coverage can help boost awareness, donations, volunteer hours, and even political action. That’s why your nonprofit website should include a downloadable press kit with important facts, board member profiles, and contact information.

The Best Nonprofit Websites

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