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3 Ways a New Website Can Save Your Company Money

If you are looking at making some improvements to your company’s website, then think about why that is. For most of the business owners and executives who come our way, the motivation to build a fresh web presence has to do with a desire for more search traffic, the ability to add ecommerce features, or perhaps the need for a better product showcasing.

In other words, people come to us because they want their websites to sell more.

There is certainly nothing wrong with that, and most websites are constructed with a sales and marketing focus. However, we like our clients to remember that there are two sides to every balance sheet. Just as a brand-new website can help you make more money, it can also help you save on expenses at the same time.

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To show you how this happens, here are three ways an upgraded web presence can improve your bottom line by decreasing costs…

#1 A Better Website Can Stop Leads From Getting Away

Have you ever wondered how many potential customers have gotten away from your business before they ever took the time to contact you? A look into your web analytics package might yield a few answers, and they may not be pretty. When someone comes to your website and exits without deciding to make a purchase or get more information, they aren’t likely come back.

With the new website, you can give buyers a better first impression. That means they will be more likely to hang around for a bit, look into your products or services, and ultimately contact you. Shouldn’t you be getting as much as you can out of every potential?

#2 A Stronger Website Can Help With Recruiting

As important as your web presence is, your employees are probably the heart and soul of your business. With a great staff, you can execute your vision, find creative solutions to everyday problems, and keep customers happy. But where do those perfect employees come from?

More and more, business owners and recruiters are finding new talent strictly through the web. Even someone who finds your posting on LinkedIn or a job listing portal is going to visit your site to learn more about the business. If the best candidates aren’t impressed, they’re going to send their resumes elsewhere – leaving you without the talented team members you need.

#3 Your New Website Can Reduce Customer Calls and Complaints

One thing we encourage every new client to do is think about the customer service roles their website can perform. What can they answer in frequently asked questions, show off in a product demonstration video, or explain in a downloadable guide?

The more information (both visual and written) buyers have on your website, the easier it’s going to be for them to find the product or service that’s perfect for their needs. That means fewer phone calls to your business, decreased complaints and returns, and a lot less time wasted on routine customer service tasks.

Saving a dollar is just as good as earning a new one. And so, even though you’ll undoubtedly want your next website to be a sales and marketing tool that generates lots of revenue, don’t forget that it can pay for itself by helping you keep more cash in your account, too.

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