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Manufacturer’s Representative Websites

Every business or industry has its own specific needs when it comes to web design. Lately we’ve had the chance to work with some manufacturer’s representatives, however, and have noticed that there are a few details that are particularly important in this business.

manufacturers rep web design

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few elements every manufacturer’s representative website needs so you can be sure you’re not missing anything important…

Brand and Company Details

At the representative or dealer level, it’s important to be clear which brands or products you represent. That’s particularly true if you have a catalog that extends beyond a single product line. Either way, you want to make it clear to customers what sort of solutions you can provide. Specific brand and product names can be used for search engine optimization purposes, as well.

Product Manuals

One way to reduce your customer service workload and keep buyers happy is by providing instantaneous access to up-to-date product manuals directly from your website. That way, customers can find the appropriate documentation for anything they’ve bought from you without having to sort through the manufacturer’s website. You might also want to include video clip showing maintenance or how-to instructions.

Online Demonstrations

Video presentations of new and exciting products can serve a number of purposes. Obviously, they can help you to sell more goods and reinforce the features you have shown off during face-to-face presentations. They can also work as stand-ins for times when you can be present to offer details about a product yourself. They can even backup retail sellers or point out important improvements or differentiators from one line to the next.

Region or Industry Contacts

In some cases, it might make sense to list separate contacts for different types of buyers (wholesale versus retail, for example) or regions. Alternatively, you could list contact details that are sorted by product category. Either way, you want to do what you can to route buyers towards the person who can best help them find what they are looking for. That’s convenient for them, and a time-saver for you.

An Active Blog

Having a blog that is regularly updated with fresh articles and video clips can help you differentiate yourself from other manufacturer’s representatives who might be operating in the same area or industry. That’s important because no matter how strong the producers brand might be, buyers tend to think of the representative as their point of contact and service. Show off your knowledge and expertise and they’ll come to you more often.

Social Media Contacts

Many manufacturer’s representatives miss out on the potential of social media, and particularly networking sites like LinkedIn. You want to make it easy for new buyers to find you and see your great reputation, of course, but also for existing customers to pass along introductions to their colleagues without any unnecessary effort. Linking to your social profiles to your website is a good way to foster this kind of activity.

Need Help With Your Manufacturer’s Rep Website?

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