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Is Microsoft SharePoint a Good CMS?

Unlike the other content management systems that we have been breaking down lately, Microsoft SharePoint isn’t a piece of software that was developed strictly for the purpose of creating websites. In fact, its main role lies in document and project management, although it is being adapted more and more to business website use these days. After all, that’s what a content management system really is – just a way of publishing different documents.

microsoft sharepoint

So, does that mean that Microsoft SharePoint is a good CMS for your next business website?

The correct answer, as always, is it depends. That’s because there are things that SharePoint does very well as a CMS, and a few areas where it doesn’t really measure up to WordPress and Drupal. Here are a few of the big advantages of using SharePoint as your CMS:

It’s great for managing all kinds of documents. As you imagine, the software really shines in this area. And so, if your business website features lots of PDFs or Microsoft Office files, SharePoint could be the perfect answer.

The Microsoft office integration is superb. Again, this might not be an enormous surprise, but SharePoint works very well with Word, Excel, and other office applications. That might not sound like a big deal (and for some companies it isn’t), but it can make things a lot easier for everyday users and front-line employees, if they need to interact with the website frequently.

SharePoint can be a wonderful solution for intranets. Because of that wonderful office and employee integration we mentioned a moment ago, SharePoint is perhaps most popular as an intranet solution, rather than a tool for building websites that customers will interact with.

Even though it’s more popular for intranet use, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t build a public-facing website using SharePoint. You just have to know going into the process that there are a couple of limitations. For one, using Microsoft SharePoint as an intensive CMS requires a strong programming team who knows the software inside and out. Another drawback is that a SharePoint business website can be slightly limited in the design and layout elements that are available.

Does SharePoint Make Sense?

Still, in the situations where SharePoint makes sense, these are easy obstacles to overcome. As with all business websites (and CMS choices), it really comes down to what you really need to accomplish, and the most efficient way to get there. A good business web design and development team, like the one we have here at Weblinx, can help you make smart choices for the future of your company.