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How to Improve Conversions From Your Website

A website that doesn’t help you attract visitors and turn them into new customers is really just an expensive piece of art. Even worse, an underperforming web presence puts you at a huge disadvantage to your competitors, since they are likely winning buyers that could have been yours with their own websites.

While most business owners and executives will recognize this problem intuitively, most don’t know how they can improve things and start turning a higher ratio of searchers into sales opportunities.

With that in mind, we’re going to share a handful of quick and easy tips you can use to improve conversions from your website today:

Attract the right visitors. You’ll never get conversions if the people who are visiting your website aren’t going to buy from you. Analyze your web metrics and search engine patterns frequently to see which campaigns are converting and where you can make improvements.

Map out your conversion process. Before you can generate lots of new leads from your website, you have to have an idea of how people are going to get from one area or topic to another. Map out the process an average buyer would follow, and then make sure the right steps are in place and easy to follow.

Set a reasonable conversion goal. There some types of products and services that just aren’t easily sold over the Internet. But, by putting a more reasonable conversion goal in place (like a free consultation or email newsletter subscription), you can greatly improve results over the long term.

Test everything on your pages. If you suspect that something on your website isn’t as fluid or compelling as it could be, try testing something else (a new photo, headline, or button, as examples) in its place. Over time, you’ll be able to tell what works.

Put a follow-up mechanism in place. Try to give every visitor to your website a reason to return soon. If you can get them to come back again later for a new blog post or idea, you’ll stand a much greater chance of turning them into a buyer eventually.

Need A Better Website?

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