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How Search Keywords Are Like NFL Draft Picks

If you tune into this week’s NFL draft, or follow it online like millions of other Americans, you might do more than support your favorite football team. That’s because, surprisingly enough, there are quite a few things you can learn about search engine optimization and marketing while you watch the picks being made.

In fact, here are a few ways that search keywords are like NFL draft picks:

You Don’t Know Which Ones Will Pan Out

Every year, professional football sees a number of draft “busts” that never pan out or live up to their potential. Similarly, there are always a few players who seem to come “out of nowhere” to make a deep impression on the league. The net of this is that teams can never be sure who’s going to make the cut and who won’t. It’s the same with your search keywords – it’s great to brainstorm strong possibilities, but remember that good web analytics will eventually tell you which terms and phrases to focus on.

Match Your Resources With Current Needs

Every NFL general manager would like to have more picks, just as every business owner would like to have more search traffic. However, just as teams are limited in the number of picks they can make, businesses are also constrained by time and budgets. Think about what kind of customers you really want to attract to your website, and then concentrate your attention on them. It’s better to focus on what you need and get it than it is to spread your efforts too thin.

Give New Players Time to Develop

It can be tempting for fans to make immediate determinations about whether their teams have drafted well or not, but veteran coaches know that it sometimes takes a good player a season or two before they can develop and make an impact in the field. That’s good to keep in mind, because search engine optimization can work the same way. Stick with your plan until you have enough of a track record to measure the results. Make a move before then, and you could find yourself back at the beginning in no time.

No single draft pick is likely to change the fortunes of your favorite football team overnight, just as no single search keyword should take up too much of your attention as an Internet marketer. Remember what you’ve learned from watching the draft, and then take that insight to choose your keywords carefully. It’s not always easy at first, but it’s the best way to turn your website into a champion moneymaker.

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