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How Internet Marketing Will Change in 2016

Recently, we looked at some of the best practices that are coming to web design in 2016. Today, we’d like to examine the other side of the coin and shed some light on Internet marketing practices that we see growing in the coming months.

Note that these aren’t necessarily new concepts, but ideas that seem to be gaining a wider following every day. Plus, they amount to good common sense for any kind of business.

Without any further introduction, here are a few Internet marketing trends to look out for in 2016:

#1: Tighter SEM Campaigns – Pay-per-click marketing has changed a great deal in the past year or so, especially with Google’s new system that allows advertisers to target groups of prospects more carefully. Add that to Facebook’s platform, which lets you target buyers by type instead of keyword, and you have a small analytic revolution going on. The end result is that search engine marketing campaigns are being arranged more tightly, with much smaller ad groups and focus on a specific type of customer and his or her needs.

#2: Mobile-Specific Messaging – Mobile isn’t a subset of Internet marketing anymore — it’s the new majority. It’s no surprise then that we are seeing an increase in marketing messages that are geared specifically towards mobile customers. From specially-formatted emails to SMS in QR codes, expect mobile marketing to keep increasing as more and more smart phones and tablets fly off the shelves.

#3: Conversion-Focused Content – For nearly a decade, web designers and their clients have been using content mainly as a search engine optimization tool. But, with the rise of contextual search, and a bigger focus on conversions, turning visitors into buyers has become just as important as attracting them in the first place. Websites with conversion-focused content generate a higher return on investment than those with old-school “SEO copy.”

#4: Social ROI Awareness – For the past few years, companies have been content to engage in social media marketing because everyone is doing it. Now, businesses are getting smarter about the way they spend resources, and are doing a better job of tracking sales opportunities that come from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. This scrutiny will continue, and you’ll see more tools and strategies aimed at improving social ROI awareness.

Taken together, each of these four trends points to one indisputable fact: businesses are getting smarter about the way they spend their time and money when it comes to finding new customers. Are you ready for a more efficient world of Internet marketing?

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