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Clearing the Path for Conversions on Your Website

Sometimes in Internet marketing, like life in general, it’s easy to get your own way. Business owners become so focused on the process of reaching out to prospects and converting them into customers online, they end up making things harder than they have to be. When that happens, they usually get frustrated, try even harder, and make things worse.

In those cases, the best way to optimize your website for conversions is to simply stop overthinking things, remove the most pressing distractions, and simplify your approach. In other words, to clear the path for your own success by getting things that are unnecessary out of the way.

To show you how that’s done, and why it works, here are a few things to remember…

Each Landing Page Should Have One Audience, and One Message

Every landing page on your website should be designed and written for a certain type of searcher or potential customer. If you have multiple groups of buyers, try to funnel them into the appropriate destinations. That way, you can focus on the benefits and understanding level that apply to the customer you’re trying to win at any given moment, rather than watering down your content and hoping it will appeal to everyone.

You Should Remove the Noise From Your Conversion Pages

When your potential customer arrives on one of your landing pages, you want them focused on your content and messaging. Anything else that gets in the way – including extraneous links, buttons, or navigation bars – gives them an opportunity to become distracted. When it all possible, make things simple by removing anything that’s unnecessary. Take the “noise” out of your landing pages, and you’ll often find they’ll suddenly convert traffic more efficiently.

Ask for One Thing, and Ask for It Consistently

In the same way that your landing pages should have one message, they should also have a single call to action. That is, you should be looking for specific result when visitors arrive. Perhaps you want them to make a purchase, sign up for your newsletter, or do something else. Figure out what that one action is, and then ask them to do it more than once. This is much more effective than having several different closing options, each of which competes for attention.

Don’t Forget That You Have All the Optimization Advice You Need in Your Web Analytics

Often, when it’s time to tweak your landing pages or figure out what is and isn’t working, business owners turn to their gut instincts. That’s understandable, but never forget that your web analytics package can give you lots of important and powerful data. You can study the numbers to see when and where people have been entering your website, and leaving it, to figure out which parts of your plan are and aren’t successful.

Internet marketing and conversion rate optimization are undoubtedly complicated, and they are getting to be more complicated all the time. However, by simply focusing on who you want to attract your website, what you need to tell them, and whatever it is you want them to do, you can clear up a lot of the issues that plague your business.

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