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Do You Have Enough Links Within Your Website?

Most link-building in a search engine optimization campaign is concentrated on getting more sites pointing links in your direction. That’s fundamentally sound, since one of the ways Google and the other major search engines figure out how important your pages are is by figuring out how many other people are linking to them.

Still, one of the easiest (and most often overlooked) ways to improve your search engine profile is by adding more links within your site.

It’s simple: Any phrase within the body of one of your pages that would describe another one of your pages, make a link. As an example, suppose you help small businesses with their bookkeeping. You would want any phrases like “Chicago’s best accountant” on your pages or blogs to link your home page, or your bio.

Links Are Important

Linking within your site helps Google and the other search engines to know what your pages are about. It also encourages visitors to look through your site or click through to the pages you most want them to see. Given that it’s a step that can help you get more traffic and gain more leads and sales at the same time, isn’t it worth making a few tweaks to your site?