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3 Questions For Social Media Marketing

Internet marketing is often treated as a highly complex subject, but the reality is that it’s often the simplest concepts that determine whether you’ll be successful and achieve a high ROI. That can certainly be the case with social media marketing, where the answers to three straightforward questions can make or break your campaigns:

#1 Why Would Anyone Follow My Company Online?

It’s not enough to simply ask customers and colleagues to follow you online – you have to give them a good reason. Your social media accounts should be a source of news, industry insight, and possibly even special offers (like members-only discounts). Each of these gives someone an incentive to join your network and pay attention to what you have to say.

#2 What Am I Doing to Attract More Fans and Followers?

There are literally millions upon millions of tweets and other social updates sent every hour. For yours to stand out, you need a professional image and lots of compelling content and links. The stronger your social content is, the more incentive your fans and followers have to pass your ideas on to their friends and colleagues. It’s not hard to get attention on social media sites if you have something great to share.

#3 Are My Social Contacts Willing to Endorse Me?

The Internet hasn’t killed word-of-mouth advertising; it’s just changed it into a digital activity. Instead of getting letters of reference, you want endorsements on LinkedIn, Facebook, and elsewhere. The more good things your customers say about you, the easier it is for new buyers to trust you and believe that you’re going to deliver on your promises.

When you have committed fans and followers, and the kind of endorsements that give your company social proof, you’re well on the way to getting new customers through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Social Media Marketing Management

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