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Don’t Forget About SEO

In the last year or two, the rise of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the new push towards online video marketing on YouTube, and the spread of next-generation mobile devices have taken up a lot of attention in the online marketing world.

But, as we like to remind our clients, don’t let that take your eye off the search engine ball.

Rather than give you all the reasons why, we’ll sum it up for you with one number: 34,000 potential customers. That’s the number of people using Google – still the most popular search engine in the world – every single second. Many of them are looking for products, vendors, and solutions to help them out. And as great as the other Internet marketing tools are, you had better be sure they can find you on search engines first.

SEO campaigns thrive on updates and fresh content. You won’t lose your top rankings overnight, but if you stop feeding the search engine spiders what they want to see, Google, Yahoo, and Bing will start to forget about you eventually. And as fun and exciting as other marketing tools are, it would be very, very difficult to replace the traffic and customers that an SEO optimized site can bring.

You Don’t Want Search Engines to Forget About You

Your company should always be trying out new ways of reaching customers, but don’t lose focus on your search engine plans. The minute you do, you risk losing a big portion of your online business, too.