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Dig Deeper With Local SEO

Local search engine optimization – using your website to attract customers in your city or neighborhood – has transformed marketing in just a few years. The Yellow Pages and other print directories have virtually vanished, while Google has taken their place.

But while a lot of businesses think of local SEO as simply adding a few city-related keywords to their websites, you should think about going a bit deeper. That is, use the names of neighborhoods, city streets, and landmarks that are near your business, customers, or retail locations.

The reason for this extra step is simple: as more and more companies start integrating geographic keywords into their websites, many are using broad city and state names of places they would like to win customers. Businesses that actually operate in specific areas, however, are using more localized phrases that aren’t so general. Google and its users are starting to be able to tell the difference.

Local SEO

If you want to own the business in your local area, go deeper than your competitors with local SEO. It’s not hard to include a few keywords that strike a chord with buyers in your area, and can give you a big advantage over other businesses that are trying to appear local when they aren’t.