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What Covid-19 Has Taught Us About Nonprofit Websites

If you are in charge of marketing or communications for a nonprofit organization, the odds are good that the last 12 months have changed the way you think about your website. Time and time again, clients have told us that their online presence has become the focal point of their organization’s outreach – with the press, donors, and even the groups they serve.

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It’s easy to see how they come to that point to view. However, we might argue that the importance of a strong nonprofit website didn’t change because of the Covid-19 pandemic; it was simply revealed. In other words, it was always crucial that your nonprofit have a coherent web strategy. The benefits are simply clearer than they were in the past.

With that in mind, it’s worth asking: what goes into a great nonprofit website? Let’s look at a few of the key features your organization shouldn’t be without…

Online User Experience Enhancements

It’s no longer enough to simply “have a website.” In order to help your nonprofit reach its goals, you need a fully functional web presence that is easy to use and navigate. That means reliable web hosting, mobile device compatibility, a content management system, and secure connections that allow you to transfer information and accept donations. Each of these makes it easier for visitors to do the things (like donate or volunteer) that you most want them to.

A Description of Your Mission, Contacts, and Policies

No one should ever visit your website and be left to guess about what you do, why it matters, or what the next steps are if they want to get involved. Clear and focused content speaks to those who are engaged in your cause, differentiates you from other nonprofits, and can even help you attract visits from search engines and social media sites. And yet, this is a piece of the puzzle many nonprofits tend to overlook.

Online Fundraising and Volunteerism Portals

Although we touched briefly on this point already, it’s worth spelling out that your nonprofit website should have pages dedicated to fundraising, volunteer recruitment, and other forms of outreach. These are the areas in which most nonprofits struggle, and where your staff could use the greatest amount of support. Back them up with online forms, case studies, videos, and other tools that encourage website visitors to get involved.

The Ability to Change and Update Content

If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic it’s that things change quickly. For instance, if you’re like our nonprofit clients, it’s possible your hours or policies have been shifting from one month the next. For these reasons it’s important to have a content management system (or CMS) that can be updated quickly and easily. That way you can make alterations to your nonprofit website without sacrificing your design, branding, or website functionality.

Need Help Upgrading Your Nonprofit Website?

Whether you need to build a nonprofit website from scratch, or simply upgrade the layout and pages you already have in place, we can help. Contact the creative minds at Weblinx today so we can put our expertise to work for your organization!