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Should You Copy Clickbait Articles?

Do you like clickbait articles – the ones that lure you in with shocking headlines, only to deliver a few hundred words of barely-readable garbage? Neither do we, but we bet you’ve seen at least a dozen links to them today.

The fact that there are so many clickbait articles being added to the web every day has led some marketers to wonder if they shouldn’t duplicate the approach. After all, anyone can come up with ridiculous headlines and arrange advertising campaigns. Wouldn’t that be an interesting way to bring traffic to your website?

In our view, this is probably a losing strategy. If you compose your clickbait pieces well enough, you will certainly attract visitors. Unfortunately, it’s not likely those visitors will stay on your website for very long, much less hang around and buy anything.

It’s easy to understand why: when you click on a link that you think is going to take you to an intriguing article and only end up finding junk, you do what everyone else does: leave immediately. There may be a very small percentage of people who will stop to look around a website they’ve been tricked into visiting, but there probably aren’t enough of them to support the costs of your marketing campaigns.

To make things worse, conversion rates will probably be lowered because the few people who do hang around on your website aren’t going to trust you very much.

Bringing traffic to your website is only one initial step in the online sales or lead-generation process. You also have to get the right people, and convince them to take the right actions, before any good will come of it.

Using clickbait to attract customers might sound easy, but the math doesn’t work out in your favor. Why put your resources into a high-cost, low-reward strategy?

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