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3 Reasons You Need Consistency in Your Digital Marketing

Many business owners and executives view every marketing piece or activity as a one-off project. Each web page, blog post, or email newsletter is essentially something to be finished and checked off a list. Then, it’s forgotten until it’s time to produce another item, at which point the creative process starts all over again.

That’s understandable, especially given how busy most owners and managers are on a day-to-day basis. However, there are two problems with taking an à la carte approach to internet marketing.

unified voice with internet marketing

The first is that the different elements of your online marketing campaigns – search engine optimization, social media posting, etc. – all work best in concert. That is, the excess in one area enhances the results you’ll get from another.

The second issue is that you should be aiming for consistency in all of your communications. That is, you want your website, social accounts, and emails to speak with a unified voice. Having that consistent tone is more important than you might think when it comes to digital marketing. Here are three critical reasons why…

#1 Consistency Allows for Top of the Mind Awareness

Advertisers and psychologists have been telling us for a long time that it usually isn’t an initial message that grabs a customer’s attention, but subsequent exposures to that message. For instance, you might not notice the first time we tell you where “Chicago’s best web design team” is, but the message is likely to be absorbed after you read a dozen of our posts.

Consistency is important to your online marketing for the same reason. You want to have a message that you’re reinforcing again and again so you stay on the top of your customers minds.

#2 Consistency Equals Credibility Online

Just as a lot of the communication between humans takes place on the subconscious, nonverbal level, it’s also true that we tend to make snap judgments about the reliability of what we see on a daily basis. In other words, we don’t necessarily know why we trust one company over another, just that we do.

Much of this boils down to consistency. When we see the same messaging and imaging again and again, it allows us to see a business in a certain light. On the other hand, when a company is inconsistent with the way they communicate, it triggers something in our minds that makes us more wary.

#3 Consistency Makes Online Marketing Easier

While the first two benefits on our list were customer-focused, it’s important to remember that being consistent with your online marketing helps you, too.

When you know what you’re trying to express to customers at all times, and what your company’s style is like (in terms of using the same fonts, capitalization, terms and abbreviations, etc.) it makes it easier for you to create high-quality content. In other words, you begin every new project or campaign with a template that can be followed by yourself, your employees, and your creative team. That’s a great way to save on time and stress.

Is Your Digital Marketing as Consistent?

If your digital marketing feels a little bit haphazard, now is the time to start making some changes to the way you plan, post, and refine your content. Better yet, this might be the right occasion to bring in a group of creative professionals who can help you craft and execute a strategy that works.

Why not contact the Weblinx team today at 630-551-0334 to see how we can help? With one quick consultation, we might be able to solve a lot of your web design and internet marketing problems.