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Why Business Websites Matter More Than Ever in 2021

There have been a lot of lessons thrown at business owners over the past year. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we view so many things, from marketing to travel and beyond. You can bet we’ll still be studying this economic era for years to come, with dozens of books, movies, and courses looking back on the day-to-day struggles we’ve all been facing.

business websites matter

Perhaps none of the lessons, however, has been as huge and obvious as this: your small business website is the hub of your sales, marketing, and PR campaigns. It’s often the first stop for potential customers or clients. And, in today’s economic climate, it might be your only tool for reaching out to buyers.

Knowing that, can you honestly say that your web presence is as strong as it could be? Let’s look at some things you need as part of your small business website in order to thrive, online and off, in 2021 and beyond…

The Right CMS to Keep Your Website Current

With the right content management system (CMS) in place you can change what your website says at any time. That’s more important now than it’s ever been because the economy, along with government regulations, is changing all the time. It’s much easier to keep your business moving forward when you can adapt your pages to reflect current hours, policies, or prices (as examples).

Reliable Web Hosting

When your website is the focal point of your sales and marketing strategy – as it is for most businesses going into 2021 – you can’t afford for it to be offline unexpectedly. Good web hosting doesn’t cost much, but it makes your site more reliable. It also helps protect your business from hackers and reduces the amount of time it takes for someone to access your content. That’s a lot of value for a little price.

Ecommerce Features (Basic or Advanced)

If you can’t sell in person, then why not offer your products directly from your website? By doing so you can keep orders coming in without increasing costs. All it takes is a basic shopping cart and merchant account. From there, you can decide how many (or few) features like real-time inventory updates, currency converters, and advanced marketing tools you want to implement.

SEO and Online Reputation Management

You can’t use your website as a sales and marketing tool if customers aren’t able to find it. Additionally, it gets a lot easier to convert visitors into leads and buyers if they know your business is reliable. That’s where tools like search engine optimization (SEO), online reputation management, social media marketing, and digital advertising come into the picture.

Tools for Customers and Employees

Want to handle employee scheduling online, route customer service requests directly to your tablet, or allow buyers to pay invoices directly through your website? Many business owners went without these kinds of features before the pandemic but are discovering just how useful they can be now. You might be amazed at what a few quick and inexpensive improvements to your business website could allow you to do in the coming year.

Ready to Level Up Your Business Website?

Upgrading your small business website isn’t just about keeping up with the times or staying profitable during a pandemic – it’s also about being one step ahead of your peers. If you’d like to know what kind of personalized, affordable, and effective solutions we could recommend to grow your business, then contact the Weblinx team to schedule a free consultation today!