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4 Things Business Owners Don’t Realize About SEO Success

If you don’t have a top search ranking on Google, you want one. That’s just the way Internet marketing works.

But for all the misconceptions business owners have about what it actually takes to master search engine optimization and get customers from Google, we often find that they don’t really understand what SEO success really means, either.

We’d like to shed some light on the process to help clear things up. And so, here are four things that business owners don’t usually realize about search engine optimization success:

1. It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Depending on how competitive your most important keywords are, it can take weeks or months before you start to see real, sustained improvement in your search engine rankings. Your biggest competitors may have already put in several years of work – complete with blog content inbound links – for you to overcome. That’s not impossible, but it does take time.

2. Success is Rarely Complete

Even the phrase “SEO success” is something of a misnomer. Each search term or keyword represents an individual market; your website can rank very highly in some, and barely register at all in others. That’s incredibly common, and a fact that leads to continual tinkering and strategizing. You may find success in one keyword or phrase, but there are always likely to be others that could still use a bit of work.

3. A Top Search Ranking Doesn’t Guarantee Sales

Somewhere along the line, it became accepted wisdom that businesses with high Google rankings necessarily have to be profiting from their websites. While that’s often the case, one doesn’t guarantee the other. After all, traffic is meaningless if it doesn’t lead to sales and conversions – you don’t get any money for bringing visitors to your website if they immediately click away. For SEO to truly be successful, your landing pages have to be as strong as your search position.

4. The Effort Doesn’t Stop Once You Reach the Top

It would be nice if you could achieve a high Google ranking and then stop devoting your time and energy to SEO. More often than not though, it takes just as much work to hold on to your search position. That’s because there are dozens of other companies who want that same ranking, and all the targeted search traffic that comes with it, every bit as much as you do. Don’t think you can give up just because you have finally reached a top spot for important keyword.

Reaching the top of Google’s rankings is a great goal, and it can mean a big step forward for your business and website. Remember, however, that SEO is a process that takes time, and that you aren’t guaranteed to get more customers even with a strong search ranking. Focus your efforts on engaging buyers one at a time, and before you know it you’ll see what real search marketing success looks like.

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