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Browsers, Devices, and Web Traffic

Technology experts agree that 2014 was the year that mobile web users (that is, people who are online via smartphones and tablets) outweighed “traditional” laptop and desktop computer users. Of course, many of those users overlap – lots of people have a computer and a mobile device or two – but the point is that the majority of web traffic, at any given time, is likely to come through mobile devices.

That’s a startling idea all on its own. But, what makes things even more interesting is that amongst mobile web traffic, users are split between iPhones, iPads, Androids, Kindles, and so many others. And so, even though mobile web traffic is a big section of the online market, it’s actually made up of lots of smaller markets.

What should business owners and executives do with that information? Here are some tips for handling multiple devices, browsers, and types of web traffic:

Consider making your next business website responsive. Responsive business websites adapt themselves to your customer’s device and browser, rather than only display in one way. That makes your web presence instantly more adaptable, and more useful for mobile users.

Promote local search on your site, as well. Because mobile devices are so easy to keep with us, people tend to use them on the go, and in place of old print directories or maps. For retailers, that means the biggest marketing and advertising opportunities lie online.

Look into the possibility of developing custom apps. Although lots of businesses end up being disappointed when they try to develop a “best-selling” app, you can take a good idea and use it to increase customer loyalty or handle CRM and account maintenance functions.

Make the most of social media marketing opportunities. Lots of mobile users prefer social media sites and apps to search engines. And so, making the most of social opportunities could help you reach new mobile buyers.

Mobile First Web Design Matters

Although the dynamics and statistics around online marketing are changing all the time, remember that what matters most is having your message come through clearly to the right audience, regardless of what the particular medium might be. Keep that in mind, and you’ll be ready for the future.