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4 Questions to Ask About Your Internet Marketing Goals

We all know that Internet marketing is crucial to the success of just about any company, large or small, in today’s world. And so, the best thing to do is come up with a plan for success, make some smart investments, and then just keep pushing forward until things work out… right?

Although that’s a common approach, it’s not always the best one. To do a bit better, you should ask yourself some important questions before you even begin, because that can save you quite a bit of time and expense later – especially when it comes to revising and reworking an Internet marketing plan that started out on shaky ground.

To understand what we mean, and why it’s so important, here are four questions you should definitely ask about your Internet marketing goals:

1. Are they clear and measurable? It’s important to note that “clear” and “measurable” go hand-in-hand. Lots of business owners and executives decide they’d like to sell more over the Internet, gain a better Google ranking, or use their website to generate more leads, but those aren’t really good targets to hit, since it’s hard to gauge progress in a concrete way. Whatever your starting goals are, make sure to translate them into something you can easily measure so you’ll know whether your plan is on track for success or not.

2. Do they have a schedule or timeline attached to them? In the same way, goals without any kind of expiration date aren’t firm enough, because you can always put off making progress on them until a later time. When you have a fixed point on the calendar as an identified place to stop and analyze, however, it’s relatively easy to see whether you’re doing enough to stay on course or not.

3. Are they achievable? There are actually two sides to this issue, and both are important. On the one hand, if your goals aren’t realistic enough to be achievable, then they are effectively useless and won’t do much to help your Internet marketing plan move forward. But on the other hand, if they are too achievable – that is, they don’t require much effort or investment for you to reach them – then you’re probably setting your sights too low.

4. How sure are you that you’re on track to reach them? In other words, do you really think you have what it takes to execute your plan and reach your goals? Often, this comes down to the team of creative professionals and Internet marketing advisors you have helping you out. If you aren’t confident you’re moving in the right direction or working efficiently enough, it might be time to find another agency that can help you grow your company.

If most businesses were being honest, they’d have to admit that they’ve never taken these issues into consideration deeply enough. Don’t make the same mistake. Think long and hard about these questions – or better yet, work through them with the right Internet marketing partner – and be sure that you have a winning plan going forward.

The Right Internet Marketing Partner

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