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What About iPhone Apps?

Even if you aren’t one of the tens of millions of Americans already using an iPhone – Apple reported selling 150+ million of their flagship mobile devices this summer alone – then you probably know at least half a dozen people who are. And if there’s one thing you learn quickly about iPhones, it’s that there is an app for everything. That isn’t just a figure of speech, either, there isn’t a whole lot the iPhone can’t do already.

Still, business owners and online marketers recognize that iPhone apps are great way to potentially grow their businesses, and for good reason. With iPhone sales continuing to accelerate, releasing a timely application makes good business sense.

Here are three things you need to know before your app hits the iPhone store:

The money isn’t in the sales. Your chances of making a big profit off the app itself aren’t that great. Like writing a best-selling novel, it requires a combination of luck, uniqueness, and marketable topic, all in the face of long odds.

It’s about brand awareness. The more customers, or potential customers, you have using your app, the better name recognition you develop. So, work with your iPhone app team to come up with something that people in your industry will want and use – the money will follow.

Keep things simple. The best ideas for apps come from ideas that are easy to understand and have a somewhat universal appeal. Don’t over think things; simply consider what your customers might like to use, that isn’t currently in the marketplace, and then set your programmers loose.

iPhone App Market

It isn’t as easy to stand out in the iPhone app market as it was a couple of years ago, but you can still make them profitable part of your online business plan. Just follow these tips, stick to what works, and you’ll be integrated into your customers mobile lifestyles and no time.