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What Would Your 100 Day Internet Marketing Plan Look Like?

New presidents are traditionally judged by the amount of progress they have made in their first 100 days. The idea is simple: an incoming administration likely has a big agenda they would like to promote, and voters like to see them get off to a flying start.

first 100 days

The 100 day concept seems like a good one to bring to the business world. That’s just over three months – long enough to get a few things done, but not so much time that it seems overwhelming to think about.

With that in mind, our question to you today is this: if you were planning a 100 day Internet marketing plan, what would it look like? What sorts of things do you think you could accomplish with just over 14 weeks of concentrated effort?

Based on our own experiences, here are some benchmarks we think you could shoot for…

Search Engine Improvement

Most marketers and small business owners tend to think of search engine optimization as a process that takes months and years. That is sometimes the case, but it’s also true that you can shoot to the top of Google’s listings (or come pretty close) by focusing on content and technical improvements for just a few months. That’s particularly true if you have a well-defined market or certain geographic area you would like to dominate.

Better Online Ad Efficiency

The tendency with online advertising is to go bigger, but often we are able to generate better results for our clients by simply refining their existing campaigns. In other words, it might be more valuable to increase your click through rates, generate more conversions, and turn more leads into buyers than it would be to simply double your advertising budget. And, if your efficiency plans go well enough, you can always increase the scope of your ad campaigns later.

More Social Engagement

Having more social media followers is great, but having them engaged in a way that leads to new referrals and sales opportunities is even better. Getting business through Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms isn’t just about activity, though; you need to have a complete profile, the right kinds of content updates, and a strategy to feed new contacts into an existing sales funnel. Without those pieces, it’s hard to turn friends and fans into buyers.

A Healthier Email List

A healthier email list can really mean a couple of things. On the one hand, it might mean having more subscribers than you do now. Or, it could involve getting more opens for every message you send, along with increased click throughs and response rates. By tweaking your messaging, writing better headlines, and taking steps to make your email newsletter more mobile-friendly, you could accomplish all of these goals in a very short amount of time.

Hopefully, the items on this list have inspired you to create your own 100 day plan and put it into action. You would be amazed at how much more traffic you can bring to your website, and the many ways you can grow your bottom line, if you just focus on the right plans and activities for a set period of time.

Need Internet Marketing Help?

Of course, if you would like some help putting together a realistic 100 day campaign, or turning your ideas into real-world results, we would love to help. Connect with our office today to set up a free consultation so we can get to work for you!